Ferrous Scrap – HMS/LMS/Shredded

We procure heavy melting scraps from vendors around the world and supply them further for our clients of Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, China etc. Heavy melting scrap materials are of superior quality with maximum of 1% non-metal impurities. We are capable to fulfill any size of order produced by our clients.

Our company is leading name in the industry that supplies shredded ferrous scrap to a number of customers. Our products have a wide exposure in international markets and we offer them with promise of superior quality. Shredded scraps by our company are procured from world’s best suppliers. You can contact us for further information about shredded scraps.

We provide angles, channels, H/I Beams of all metals, ferrous & non-ferrous in all qualities and sizes. Beams are used to provide support to a number of industrial structures in construction industry. Our beams boast tensional, rigidity, and superior directional strength. Channels and angles are used by automotive and heavy machinery industries.

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